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4 ways to get free traffic to your site

Without traffic our business is doomed to failure. Harsh reality, but it is important to quickly assimilate this sentence, because without traffic it will be impossible to achieve a SINGLE sale.
To get your first visitors, you have two options:
• Use solutions like Google Adwords Pay.
• Use free solutions.
In this article we will look at the second solution is as effective and saves you money.
Here are 4 ways to get free targeted traffic to your site:
• Use the marketing section. The idea is to write an article about 350 words and add it as a specialized site You can add, at the end of the article, a link to your website. The technique is, in general, to redirect people to a capture page to get their name and e-mail and be contacted easily and for free by mail.
• Use social networks. The best known is Facebook, but Twitter is starting to develop on our French market (especially since it is in French). Use these sites to provide quality information to retain people. You can then make the promotion of your products and services.
• Participate in forums. By performing a search on your favorite search engine, you will find, normally several forums related to your market. In your profile you can edit your signature and add a link to your website. Each time you write a message, there will be a new link pointing to your website. The more you participate the more you will get visitors.
• Review articles on blogs. People are launching more and more blogs. For you, it's great because you can use all these blogs to get traffic for free. When you read an interesting article, just write a comment by adding a link to your website in the space provided.
These four techniques are free ruthlessly efficient. As you will not spend a dime to use, it is important not to miss out.
With the money saved and sales you will realize you can, if desired, using paid-for solutions to boost your traffic.
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Creation date : 06/08/2010 • 19:01
Last update : 06/08/2010 • 19:06
Category : Introduction - The Secrets of Effective Free Advertising
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You are here :   Home » 4 ways to get free traffic to your site
You are here :   Home » 4 ways to get free traffic to your site