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The Pyramid of Light 
Master Serapis Bey

Dear candidate ascent, I am honored by your presence. You all chose to come here to be educated in this moment. Those who were not ready yet could not attend because their soul has decided otherwise. You are ready. The whole world thanks you, for your help you climb the universe to ascend higher, too. To allow you access to the fifth dimension, I will offer you create over your head a pyramid of light that two corners are on your shoulders and two others in front and one behind, and you climb the pyramid above your head to the tip of the summit is exactly above your pineal gland in a straight line.

This pyramid of light should allow you to get into energy and get the instructions to receive the instructions of your professors ascent. In this pyramid, your light will be found, is recognized and can express his greatness.

Come time to time the pyramid above you during your meditations and then let you be acting to bring you the information above, your state of transformation, what you should do.

You all know the pyramids here, you were there at the time they were built. So you had to build a pyramid outside, build it now in light around you.

The climb is a time to articulate, privileged. A moment that is the spirit in history as a turning point, a change in the history of man and you're lucky, the opportunity, because you made the choice to come to that point. There are many souls who want to be on Earth at this time to live within this vibrational change, this change of consciousness, this change of consciousness.

It is difficult for you to understand this process, because you have been formatted, you have been educated in the sense of restriction. All this came so you can get to the bottom of your knowledge of restriction but now the veil is lifted, you will be able to find this superior force, superior processing your abilities.

Every day you say this ascent, this elevation vibration. Yes, because in saying you are helping the Earth to rise even vibrate.

She succeeded in passing light. Now she is able to be able to transform all its internal cells to mount in vibration and achieving higher dimensions. He had many struggles, he had to wash a lot of places, burned many places. There will still be some adjustments necessary for it to be really in its phase as a mother giving birth to a child. When the child is born there are still some contractions in order to remove the placenta, in order to recover, adjust everything in place.

The land is just putting itself in the world in a higher dimension. The child was born. 'Divine child is born.

Now he must still return to its normal appearance in the purity of it. You are now on this new Earth and you are born, reborn, with this new land.

You must bless, purify, protect this new Earth. In everyday life, bless this, do yourself pollution, choose the simplest products possible, commit yourself to ask your governments, healthy, natural products, thus any may change.

Man always thinks that they must be millions of men to act, but only one can act as he will train with him two, three, one that will lead to two, three four. And step by step, you will be able to ask thousands of the same thing. It takes people who dare to disturb, but disturbing for the light.

Have you in purity, the purity of your choice, the purity of your actions, purity of what you want to be, what you want to live. Pus will clean your choices and raised in the matter, the more you will force others to satisfy your choice. When creating, always ask the purest, pus beautiful. When you create, and the whole universe will serve you with purity, beauty, wonders and the earth will become brighter.

There are still too many people on earth who thinks this is the end of time, that was the downfall, there is no future. To you they prove otherwise, you tell them about joy, hope, hope so should be a word that rings clear in your mouth, in your mind.

You have taken the apocalyptic period, you are at the end of the Apocalypse, soon you will enter the kingdom of the golden age, a time of blessing, a time of joy, sharing, mutual support.

A time when everything will be granted by divine right.

Keep the faith, keep that hope, have that light in you, so you tighten real live headlights. You will enlighten all those who are still encumbered by their shadows, all those who fail within their household, they will still be in charge of their burden. Then, purify, lighten up, sing for joy, live your emotions, always in respect, in e respect for others and respecting the greatness of the world.

So you're always, always good, purify everything you eat and you alleviate the vibrations, purifying your food, lowering your food, you reduce all your vibrations, your whole body.

You're still a subject, you still have a body to feed, but do not give anything. The man just to meet today creates tastes, he invented molecules, it combines the molecules together to reconstruct the truth, and you do not know the difference between what is natural and artificial. Resend back to the source. Resend really vegetables, even if they do not have the heart, even if not perfect form.

Do not ask perfection of a form, ask the perfection of flavor, perfection in imperfection.

That is the divine being in what is no need to shape the eyes of another. Being is perfect in its imperfection, because it is true it is total. Whenever you want to change something for apraxic like others, you are no longer in your perfection. For fruit and vegetables, it's the same thing, every time a gardener wants to model all the vegetables to the images of others so they could be larger, greener, redder, yellower, all to satisfy eyes, it fails the taste.

Do not confuse each direction needs to receive the essence of its own, the fruit was not there for the beauty of light, but simply for the sweetness of its flavor. By trying both, you lost because you ave tried to give a picture that was external to inner knowledge, inner power. You have your fruits, your vegetables Towers of Babel. You wanted to go across, you wanted to play god without the creative power in you revealed. Today you find yourself with fruits that are more like fruit, which is more like them, who have lost their source of origin. Give, ask gardeners to restore essence, the essence of fruits, vegetables, everything, find the essence in you and be like others, enjoy what you are. In all your ways you're beautiful children of light.

Dear candidates I expect you climb, you can come whenever you want, you will always be received with greatness and with love, get your vibrations and help your brothers, because we need you to work on a human level.

I honor you, thank you.

Thanks for this news.


Creation date : 26/05/2010 • 01:53
Last update : 26/05/2010 • 17:41
Category : Introduction - The Secret of Secrets an Ascension
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You are here :   Home » Pyramid of Light
You are here :   Home » Pyramid of Light